Message from SAM President
Rick Duncan
On behalf of the School Administrators of Montana, I would like to welcome each of you back to the 2015-2016 school year. As SAM President, I am frequently reminded of, and awestruck by, the value and benefits our organization provides to its members, and to the quality of education for all the students across the state of Montana.

We are committed to a strategic plan which embraces our core purpose and values as school administrators. We are visionary leaders united in providing, advocating, and creating education excellence for Montana students. We value leadership and professionalism. We seek to improve the effectiveness of our profession through research and continuing professional development; and we strive successfully to provide valuable and engaging professional learning opportunities for our members. Additionally, we endeavor to serve a united and proactive front, advocating on behalf of public education at both the state and federal levels. Ultimately, this charge renders a positive and an enduring educational success story for Montana’s children.

Thanks to you, and your membership in one of the six affiliate organizations that provide the foundation of the SAM organization, we are an effective source of inspiration and leadership for the education of all students in Montana. Recognition should also be given to the outstanding and professional staff of the School Administrators of Montana. Executive Director, Kirk Miller; Associate Director, Pat Audet; and Operations Manager, Gary Wagner continue to serve and provide the SAM community with a progressive agenda, working diligently toward a transformation for change in 21st Century Learning and Educational Leadership.

I am proud and humbled to be serving Montana’s administrators in this capacity. I am also very optimistic about the current direction our organization is heading, and look forward to working in concert with all six of our affiliates and other education stakeholders as we endeavor to help each of our students realize their greatest potential. Without question, SAM has experienced tremendous success throughout the years, and daily I continue to find evidence to support that belief. I'm delighted our students strive every day to do better, and am proud the school administrators in Montana set the highest standards for their students, their staff, and themselves.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve the educational community through the School Administrators of Montana, and most importantly for our future generations. Make the well-being of your students the fundamental value in all your decision making and actions.

Please take advantage of the resources available to you within the SAM website. I’m certain they will prove to be useful and helpful to you. 

Last Modified on October 29, 2015