SAM LPLP 2016-17 

SAM LPLP Symposium - January 23, 2017
SAM Leaders Professional Learning Program 2016-17
School Administrators of Montana are proud to offer innovative professional learning opportunities to district and school leaders across Montana.  A combination of the SAM Mentor Program and the SAM 21st Century Leadership Institute (21 CLI), the SAM Leaders Professional Learning Program (LPLP) is unlike any program available today. Entering our 4th year, the LPLP provides a unique opportunity for those who register for the program(s) to receive one-on-one coaching/mentoring and innovative, student learning focused, blended professional learning opportunities while working with experienced, highly qualified Montana administrators (mentor/coaches called Providers) in each of the 9 MASS region areas of the state.  
Learn about the SAM Mentor Program 2016-17 (video) and Brochure 
To register for the 2016-17 Leaders Professional Learning Program and participate in either the 21st Century Leadership Institute, Mentor Program, or Both, please click HERE
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