SAM Mentor Program 2016-17
This page contains resources to assist you in your work through the SAM Mentor program.
FIRST 100 DAYS WORKSHOP - MCEL 2016 - Dr. Godfrey Saunders
SAM Mentor Program 2015-16 
OPI has developed a searchable resource for Collections, Deadlines, Notices and Data Verification that will be valuable to administrators new to their position.  Click HERE to go directly to the OPI website for this information! 
Click HERE to go to the page that has the Monthly OPI Report containing deadlines, due dates and activities summary. 
SAM LPLP 2015-16 Mentor Program Symposium 1-18-16 
Modelling the Use of Technology for Teachers -- Dr. Robert Dobell
Round Table Discussion #1: Time Management, Parent Communication, Scheduling and Leveraging Support Staff
The Courage to Lead -- Dr. David Henderson
   Click to go to the Courage to Lead Website 
EPAS, Accreditation and ESSA -- Dennis Parman, Deputy Superintendent OPI
Round Table Discussion #2:  SBAC, Positive School Climate, Attendance and Discipline
Getting people who don't like each other to work together effectively -- Dr. Godfrey Saunders
SAM LPLP Provider Summit, June 26, 2015
SAM Mentor Program Discussion - Godfrey Saunders 
SAM LPLP Provider Training, July 27, 2014 
Mentor Program Discussion - Godfrey Saunders
SAM LPLP Provider Training, June 27-28, 2014 
SAM Mentor Program Information - Godfrey Saunders 
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