SAM 21 CLI 2016-17
This page contains resources to assist you in your work through the SAM 21 CLI.
2016-17 Learning Cycle Forms for 21 CLI
2015-16 21 CLI
SAM LPLP 2015-16 21 CLI Symposium 1-19-16
Part 1 Overview

This presentation – provides an overview of what 21CLI is all about in order to provide a context for the rest of the day and a context for the work we do over the course of the remainder of the year.  (26:00 minutes) 

SAM 21 CLI January 19, 2016 Learning Cycles 

This module holds more critical information about how SAM 21CLI operates.  It has all of the information you need to get started on some action plans and how to prepare of each and all of the upcoming meetings.

Voice/PPT Presentation (7:49 minutes)

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SAM 21 CLI Presentations at MCEL 2015 
SAM 21 CLI 2014-15 Showcase Recordings
Showcase April 23
Paul Furthmyre, Principal  Anaconda HS
Darin Hannum, Supt/Principal Box Elder Public Schools 
Kathleen Prody, Superintendent Belt Pulbic Schools
Jacob Francomb, Supt/Principal Troy Public Schools
Showcase April 21
Les Meyer, Superintendent Fairfield Schools 
Norah Barney, Principal  Anaconda 
Showcase April 17
Gary Kidd, Assistant Principal Belgrade Middle School 
Tobin Novasio, Superintendent Lockwood Schools 
Tammy Hurley, Principal Fred Moodry Middle School, Anaconda 
Showcase April 9
Adrian Advincula, Principal  Irving Elementary School,  Bozeman School District 
Showcase Feb 14
Renee Westlake, Bozeman Public Schools
SAM 21 CLI Colleagueal Sharing Sessions 
SAM 21 CLI On Demand Webinars
SAM 21 CLI Live Webinar Resources
SAM 21 CLI Face-to-Face Meeting 1-15-15
SAM 21 CLI ETLN Resource Center - Check out Units 1, 5, 8, 11 and 12
SAM 21st Century Leadership Institute Summit 7-31-14
Recording of Presenter Tom Unwin facilitating the SAM 21 CLI Summit 2014

     Part 1:

     Part 2:

Summit Materials
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