METAtechED Conference 2017
March 14-15
Great Northern Hotel - Helena, MT

Detailed Agenda coming soon.

11:00-12:00pm            Registration
12:00-12:10pm             Welcome and Program Overview
12:10-1:00pm               META Luncheon 
1:00 2:00pm                Breakout Session 1
2:00-2:15pm                 Break and Visit with Exhibitors
2:15-3:10pm                 Breakout Session 2
3:10-4:15pm                 Breakout Session 3
4:15-4:30pm                 Break and Visit with Exhibitors 
4:30-5:45pm                META Membership/Business Meeting 
5:45-6:45pm                 Dinner Served - FREE for all META Members



7:00-7:45am                Registration and Breakfast
7:45-8:00am                Welcome and Program Overview
8:00-9:00am                Breakout Session 1
9:00-9:15am                 Break and Visit with Exhibitors
9:15-10:15am                Breakout Session 2
10:15-10:30am             Visit with Exhibitors
10:30–11:30am            Breakout Session 3
11:30-12:30pm             Lunch
12:30-1:30pm               Breakout Session 4
1:30-1:45pm                 Break and Visit with Exhibitors
1:45-2:45pm                 Breakout Session 5
2:45-3:00pm                Break and Visit with Exhibitors 
3:00-4:00pm                Closing Speaker - Sheryl Abshire - CTO, Calcasieu Parish
                                                      Public Schools
4:00-4:30pm                Thanks, Goodbye, Travel Safely

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METAtechED 2016 Spring Conference Materials
Tuesday, March 15th Materials:
Wednesday, March 16th Materials: 
 Draft Agenda 

11:00-12:00pm          Registration

12:00-12:10pm          Welcome and Program Overview

12:10-1:00pm            META Luncheon - Sponsored by ByteSpeed

1:00 2:00pm               Breakout Session

                                                   Session A - Barracuda - “Data Security Issues and Prevention”
                                                   Session B - T.E.S.T. - Liz Cunningham  - “More than just Audio"
                                                   Session C - Dell/ITC

2:00-2:15pm         Break and Visit with Exhibitors

2:15-3:10pm          Breakout Session

                                                   Session A - EducationSuperhighway - State broadband data map
                                                   Session B - MT-ISAC - Lynne Pizzini, Montana Chief Information
                                                                                                Security Officer
                                 This session will provide information on the importance of Cybersecurity
                                 and how the State of Montana is protecting citizen data with its Cybersecurity
                                 program that was recently established by Executive Order by Governor
                                 Bullock.This session will also provide information on Cybersecurity resources
                                 that schools can utilize to assist in their efforts of education and protection. 

                                                   Session C -  MCPS/LMG Security – How School Districts Get Hacked
                                                                           (And What You Can Do About It)

3:10-4:15pm         Breakout Session

                                                  Session A - MTSBA - Tony Koenig
                                                  Session B - Aruba

4:15-4:30pm          Break and Visit with Exhibitors - Sponsored by Fatbeam

4:30-5:30pm         Keynote Speaker - Keith Krueger - CEO of CoSN
                                       Identifying the Big Hairy K-12 Technology Problem: Us!                                      

Explore the “Big, Hairy Problem” of ubiquity and access gaps in K-12. But they are dwarfed by “The Bigger, Even More Hairy Problem” of human capacity. Otherwise known as “us.” Learn about CoSN’s new key leadership resources to enable you to succeed

5:45-7:00pm         META Membership/Business Meeting (Dinner Served)



7:00-7:45am             Registration and Breakfast

7:45-8:00am             Welcome and Program Overview

8:00-9:00am               Breakout Session 1
                                                  Session A - iBoss - Protecting Student Data in an Age of Advanced
                                                                                    Cyber Threats
                                                  Session B - Mindy Obert - Implementing 1-1
                                                  Session C - Everett Holm - You’re Blocking What?

9:00-9:15am              Break and Visit with Exhibitors

9:15-10:15am             Breakout Session 2

                                                   Session A - Ruckus
                                                   Session B - Montana Broadband Panel Discussion - 
                                                         Russ Hendrickson - MCPS, Jen Overgaag - Education
                                                   Session C - Everett Holm - Managing Chromebooks


10:15-10:30am Visit with Exhibitors

10:30–11:30am         Breakout Session 3

                                                   Session A - Dave Dobbins - Caching Servers
                                                   Session B - Mark Wilson – Giving Draw Some Love
                                                   Session C – Bill Gaffney - Network Monitoring 101

11:30-12:30pm          Lunch

12:30-1:30pm       Breakout Session 4

                                                   Session A - Bill Gaffney - Network Monitoring 101
                                                   Session B - Pat Boles - Office 365 Cloud Communication,
                                                                                       Collab./Prod. Suite
                                                   Session C - Lindy Hockenbary - "Creating Student Centered
                                                                                    Learning by Leveraging Digital Tools (Hapara)

1:30-1:45pm              Break and Visit with Exhibitors

1:45-2:45pm              Breakout Session 5

                                                   Session A - LightSpeed - confirmed
                                                   Session B - Developing and Deployment of Windows 10 - Pat Boles
                                                   Session C - Lindy Hockenbary - Save Time with Hidden Google Tips
                                                                                             or potential SysCloud

2:45-3:00pm             Break and Visit with Exhibitors - Sponsored by Lenovo

3:00-:400pm            Closing Speaker - Sheryl Abshire - CTO, Calcasieu Parish Public Schools,
                                                                                                                     Lake Charles, Louisiana

                                        Protecting Privacy and Student Data in a Digital Age
With much recent state legislation, media coverage, and President Obama's promise to enact legislation to protect student data and ensure it is kept private, student data privacy and security is a topic for schools and districts that is increasingly under the laser focus of the eyes of the public and lawmakers. In this session, you will learn about the issues and legalities surrounding student data privacy and what steps your school and district can start taking to ensure you are prepared for rapidly changing requirements for protecting student data. 
You will be provided a practical set of tools and resources for managing the burgeoning set of student data in the cloud.

4:00-4:30pm            Thanks, Goodbye, Travel Safely

Hotel Room Block -- Block Expires February 17, 2016
Best Western Great Northern, 835 Great Northern Boulevard, Helena -- 406-457-5500
Refer to the MASS/METAtechED Spring Conference room block to receive the $135/night.

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