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SAM Leaders Professional Learning Program  (LPLP) 2018-19 

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SAM LPLP 2017-18 Mid Year Executive Summary Report

SAM LPLP 2017-18 Program Overview

The Leaders Professional Learning Program (LPLP) provides a unique and innovative approach to professional learning for Montana school leaders by offering an opportunity for participants to receive student-focused, solution-based professional development designed to be responsive to the challenges and issues administrators face each day.  Connecting administrators throughout the state, LPLP’s multi-faceted blended learning approach consists of a rich online resource center; collegial cohorts that meet both virtually and face-to-face allowing participants to share challenges, successes, and thought leadership with like-minded Montana leaders experiencing similar job roles, situations, and context; and personal learning networks, including the option of one-on-one coaching/mentoring with experienced Providers.  With a goal of providing professional development to 50 new and experienced Montana administrators each year, the LPLP delivery system will inspire many educators and leaders to understand contemporary, research-based initiatives and successful educational leadership strategies to positively impact the education of thousands of students across Montana. Renewal units will be earned based on the professional learning time spent by each participant.   

SAM LPLP 2017-18 Member Roster 

SAM LPLP 2017-18 CLN Member Roster

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SAM LPLP Provider Benefits Description  


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