As amended 10/22/93

This Constitution of the Montana Association of School Superintendents is hereby established for the purpose of promoting:  

a.  The American ideal that equal educational opportunities shall be available to all sections of our state and to all of its people.
b.  The continuous improvement in educational procedures, techniques, administration, supervision, and public relations.
c.  A spirit of professional growth, congenial friendship, and loyalty among members.
d.  Attention to the professional welfare of members, stimulating interest of members in the profession, and the advancement of administrators in the field of education.
e.  Contact and working relationship with professional organizations interested in education.
The name of this association shall be the Montana Association of School Superintendents and is hereafter within referred to as the "Association".
Membership in the Association shall be divided into four classifications:
  • Active Membership
  • Retired Membership
  • Honorary Membership
  • Aspiring Membership 
Section 1:  Active Membership
Eligible for active membership are Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents or other central office personnel who are engaged in professional work related to the superintendent position.  
Section 2:  Retired Membership
Active members who retire are eligible for Retired Membership status, paying a reduced membership fee. These members shall have all rights and privileges of active membership except to vote, hold office, and legal and liability coverage.
Section 3:  Honorary Membership
The Board of Directors shall have the right to confer honorary memberships on persons who are associated with educational administration but are not actively engaged in school administration or are not regularly certified as a school administrator.  Honorary members are entitled to all privileges of MASS membership except to vote, hold office, and legal and liability coverage.
Section 4:  Aspiring Membership
Those who are interested in the superintendent position of administration and are not otherwise eligible for membership shall be eligible for Aspiring membership.  Aspiring members are entitled to all privileges of the Montana Association of School Superintendents except to vote, hold office, and legal the SAM Board of Directors and shall perform any of the duties which are customarily required of the office as listed in the MASS Offices, Duties, and Responsibilities booklet.
President-elect The President-elect shall be an active member of MASS/AASA and shall be elected as described in Article III, section 4.  In the absence of the President, the President-elect shall perform the usual duties of the office.  In addition, the President-elect shall be a member of the SAM board of directors; shall survey the MASS regions in order to create a list of retirees to present to the Executive Director’s office fours weeks prior to the MASS spring conference and recognize retirees at the spring conference; shall attend the AASA Leadership Conference and AASA National Convention; shall chair the selection committee for the AASA National Conference Incentive award; and shall assist with the MASS efforts in the SAM Delegate Assembly.  The President-elect will create a good working relationship with all SAM affiliates; and perform other duties as requested by the President and as listed in the MASS Offices, Duties, and Responsibilities booklet. 
Past-President  The President automatically assumes the role of Past-President after fulfilling the duties of the Presidency.  The Past-President serves on the MASS Board of Directors, the SAM Board of Directors, committee chairperson when appropriate, and as advisor to the President-elect and the President. The Past-President will assist the President with the up-dating of the strategic plan for MASS and perform other duties as requested by the President and as listed in the MASS Offices, Duties , and Responsibilities booklet.

Federal Relations Coordinator  The Federal Relations Coordinator must be a member of MASS/AASA and is responsible to the President and MASS Executive Committee as the liaison between the Montana congressional delegation and the MASS membership. The position is a three –year term with a limit of two consecutive terms.  The Coordinator must keep abreast of federal legislation affecting education in Montana; be willing to research and promote legislation that will benefit education; be willing to correspond /contact congressmen on pending legislation; attend the AASA Federal Relations Conference; make recommendations and submit resolutions to the MASS membership concerning federal legislation; report to the MASS membership at annual meetings or by email as the need arises; work closely with the SAM Legislative Committee; report to SAM Executive Director on matters of education on the national level.  The Coordinator will attend MASS Board meetings as a nonvoting member and perform other duties as requested by the President and as listed in the MASS Offices, Duties and Responsibilities booklet.

AASA Governing Board Members  AASA Governing board members shall be elected by the process as described in Article III, Section 4 . Governing Board members must be an active MASS/AASA member. Their duties will include attending AASA Governing Board meetings as representatives of MASS and reporting to the MASS Board of Directors and the membership the activities of the Governing Board and AASA, and duties as listed in the MASS Offices, Duties, and Responsibilities booklet.  

Executive Director/Associate Director  The Executive Director and Associate Director shall serve the Board of Directors and shall be responsible for a complete and accurate record of all meetings of the Association and Board of Directors. They shall receive all monies due the Association, keep all funds of the Association deposited in a designated bank, pay out of funds of the Association all bills approved by the Board of Directors, make an annual report to the Association at its annual meeting, and perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may assign.
Section 2:  Terms of Office -- Officers
  1. The President will serve the organization for one year unless the President elect is unable to fulfill the duties of the office.
  2. The President-elect shall assume the office of President upon the completion of the election process following the spring conference.
  3. The President at the end of the official term shall serve as an advisor to the President as Past-President.
  4. The Federal Relations Coordinator is appointed for a three year term by the MASS Executive Committee at the Spring Conference.  The Coordinator is eligible for two three-year terms.
  5. AASA Governing Board positions will be elected by the membership for a term of three years.  Governing board members shall be eligible for two consecutive terms.

 Section 3:  Board of Directors/Executive Committee

a.  The MASS Executive Committee shall be comprised of the President of the Association, the President-elect, and the immediate Past President.

b. The MASS Board of Directors shall be the President of the Association, President-elect, immediate Past President, and nine (9) regional presidents. The recognized regional administrator groups are:  Four Rivers, South Central, South Eastern, North Eastern, Hi Line, North Central, Central, Western, and North West.  The Regional Presidents shall be elected to serve a term of one or more years in a method determined by the members of the region.

 c.  Non-voting member of the Board of Directors will be the Federal Relations Coordinator.

d.  Duties

  1. The Executive Committee shall determine the exact date and place of the annual meeting.
  2. The Board of Directors shall conduct necessary business between annual meetings of the membership. 
  3. The Board of Directors shall attend to the promotion of the best interests of the Association.
  4. The Board of Directors shall fill vacancies of office which occur during the regular term. If a vacancy occurs in the Board of Directors of any of the nine (9) regional presidents, this vacancy shall be filled by the regional administrative group involved.
  5. The Board of Directors may remove an officer upon two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors.      

Section 4: Election of Officers

  1. A nominating committee shall be appointed by the President at least thirty (30) days before the annual meeting and instructed in their duties at the time of appointment.  The nominating committee shall present, through the chairman, the nominees for the office of President-elect.
  1. Election ballots with nominated members shall be posted electronically and a notice with a website-link for voting sent to all Active members within seven (7) days following the MASS Spring Conference.  Election results are to be counted within 14 days after the date they were posted by the Association office.  Candidates will be notified immediately.
  1. The officers will assume the duties of their offices once election results are made known to the membership, i.e., the Past President will retire, the current President will assume the duties of the Past President, the present President elect will assume the duties of the President, and the newly elected candidate will become the President-elect.

Section 5:  Dues

 The dues for MASS are set by the MASS Board of Directors.  The membership year shall run from July 1 through June 30.
All proposed amendments to this Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall report the action taken on such proposed amendments to the membership at the next regular meeting on the membership. Such report shall specify that the Board of Directors recommends, does not recommend, or reports without prejudice such amendments. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at a properly scheduled meeting with a quorum (seven members of the Board of Directors) present shall be required for adoption of any amendment.
This Constitution shall take effect immediately after it has been approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the active membership present and voting at a regularly scheduled meeting with a quorum present.  If a quorum is not present at the membership meeting, the amendment may be ratified by two-thirds (2/3) of the membership voting by electronic voting.
The Board of Directors shall at all times attempt to conduct the annual meetings separate from other educational gatherings. This shall not prevent holding of the annual meeting directly preceding or immediately following meetings of other school organizations and shall not prevent cooperative action with such organizations.
The Executive Committee or Board of Directors may conduct special studies and referendum ballots by mail or by electronic ballot.
The Board of Directors or any members shall not take a stand in the name of the organization for or against any candidate for public office unless specifically authorized and duly approved in a regularly called meeting.
In event of dissolution of this organization, all monies in the treasury wherever deposited or located, shall, after payment of all outstanding indebtedness, be distributed to the paid active membership of record for the immediately preceding year.
Approved and adopted at the Twenty-ninth Annual Meeting held in Missoula November 6, 1970
Amended 4/6/75 at Thirty-third Annual Meeting in Helena
Amended 4/11/76 at Thirty-fourth Annual Meeting in Helena
Amended 4/8/78 at Thirty-sixth Annual Meeting in Helena
Amended 4/25/87 at Forty-fifth Annual Meeting in Helena
Amended 10/22/93 at MCEL Meeting in Bozeman
Amended  2010

 To download a copy of the Constitution, click HERE.