MASS President's Message

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Tobin Novasio

MASS President

The mission of our organization is to help make all Montana schools successful. We are working towards this goal by focusing on having knowledgeable, high quality superintendents in all districts and supporting them as they work for our communities; providing ongoing mentoring, networking, and professional development for our members. We continue to advocate for public education, focusing on the unique needs of Montana’s students and educators; while promoting the professionalism, ethics, and integrity of our members.
On a personal note, as a product of Montana’s public schools, I am honored and humbled to serve as the MASS President this year. It is because of the teachers and mentors I have had in my own life I became an educator and had the opportunities available to me. My hope is to fight for an environment that is ripe for success and to provide the support needed for the next generation of leaders to continue making Montana’s schools the best in our nation.