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  • The Great Work of Montana's Public Schools, Volume 5 (GREAT V 2017) is now available for your review and use with your community!
  • #SAMedchat Resources, Upcoming Chats and Past Chats from 2016-17 including a "How-To" powerpoint showing how to participate in a #SAMedchat

  •  SAM's most updated membership listing as of 9.21.17.
  • Click HERE to listen to Daisy Dyer Duerr's podcast, Mentoring in Rural Montana,  featuring Godfrey Saunders discussing the SAM LPLP program. 

  • Click HERE to renew your SAM Membership for 2017-18.

Membership Update

For 2017-18, SAM is currently 1054 memberships strong accumulating from all 6 affiliates of MASS, MAEMSP, MASSP, META, MCASE and MACSS, including SAM Institutional Memberships. That is 34 more than last year and 67 more memberships than the previous year!  The SAM numbers keep growing and growing and hopefully will increase even more for next year!  The leadership, integrity, professionalism, advocacy, and professional learning services are only as strong as the unity of the members that belong to our SAM organization!

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