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21st Century Leadership Institute 2013-14

SAM's innovative 21st Century Leadership Institute brings home results of increased professional learning for Montana education administrators.  Review the SAM 21 CLI Executive Summary 2013-14 to see the difference this program is making for Montana's leaders.
The SAM 21st Century Leadership Institute (21 CLI) is operating with 34 administrators experiencing this unique look at professional learning. Project-based inquiry learning, using the latest in digital delivery platforms, has created a cohort of Montana leaders working on research-based projects to impact student learning in their schools.  
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Information about the 21 CLI if you would like to join the Cohort
Like no other educational leadership program in the nation, we have an opportunity for you to become part of an on-going two (2) year program aligned to your individual needs and professional goals.  Select your own inquiry-based program and follow up with action research.  A unique blend of learning solution that includes:  Face to face sessions, live and interactive sessions, and on-demand webinar sessions.
The investment of $2000 covers the entire professional development over the 2 years, 2013-2015.  We will begin in June of 2013.  So budget now, get signed up, and get ready for this exciting investment in your professional development that will help your school and district accomplish the goals you have for student achievement!
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Click HERE to review details about the 21st Century Leadership Institute narrated by Tom Unwin, facilitator of the program from JK Thomas and Associates. 
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