2017 Special Session

Following the MT-PEC meeting with OPI on December 5, revisions were made to the OPI guidance on school funding, the revised guidance is 2017 Special Session - OPI School Guidance on Funding 12-6-17.  Check out the great overview of the revenue and budget changes resulting from the 2017 Session and 2017 Special Session, created by Denise Williams at MASBO - 2017 Special Session MASBO Budget and Revenue Presentation.

2017 Special Session OPI Final Version - School Guidance 12-1-17 was  released with some concerns about the guidance on SB 2, so the MT-PEC provided MT-PEC Guidance on the 2017 Special Session OPI Guidance on SB 2 12-1-17 for schools to consider before implementing the guidance.  More to come on this matter after MT-PEC meets with OPI on December 5.

The 2017 Special Session Bills Final 11-27-17 shows the final status of all Special Session bills including HB 2, HB 6, SB 9 becoming law without Governor signatureGovernor Veto of HB 5, and Governor Veto of HB 8.

SAM Update 11-22-17

2017 Special Session OPI Summary 11-20-17

SAM Update 11-17-17

SAMLNSS17 Legislative Update 6 Final 11-17-17
SAMLNSS17 Legislative Update 6 Final 11-17-17
2017 Special Session Bills Final 11-17-17
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SAMLNSS17 Legislative Update 5 11-15-17

SAMLNSS17 Legislative Update 4 11-14-17

SAMLNSS17 Legislative Update 3 11-13-17
SB 2 SAM Testimony 11-13-17 Joint S Finance and H Approp
Notes on Joint Senate Finance and Claims and House Appropriations Committee 11-13-17

SAMLNSS17 Legislative Update 2 11-12-17
SAM General Bills 11-12-17

MT-PEC Overview and Analysis of Governor’s K-12 Special Session Proposals 11-10-17
RELEASE- Governor Bullock and K-12 Public Education Advocacy Groups United 11-10-17
Reserves compared to block grant loss LC0004 SS 11-9-17

SAMLNSS17 Legislative Update 1 11-7-17
SAM General Bills 11-7-17


On November 6, 2017 at 2:00 Governor Steve Bullock announced the call for a Special Session of the Legislature to begin at noon on Tuesday, November 14, with hearings beginning on November 13.  For background read Special Session Call Governor Remarks 11-6-17 and Proclamation - Call for 2017 Special Session.  Click IR Article - Governor calls lawmakers back for special session, releases list of cuts to state agencies 11-6-17 to read about the announcement.  

The MT-PEC partners met with the Governor on November 3,  2017 to understand the state-wide issues and the need for the special session.  The MT-PEC partners have adopted a unified position statement, MT-PEC Partners Special Session Statement 11-6-17, to assist our collective members in understanding the issues and to assist in the effort that will be necessary during the special legislative session.

The proposed budget reductions impacting the state are found in Balancing Montana's Budget Legislative Proposals Special Session 2017 11-6-17 with the details of all of the proposed cuts outlined in 2017 Special Session Proposed Cuts Equals 76 million 11-6-17.

SAM intends to keep the 2017 Special Session webpage updated throughout the 2017 Special Session and to assist our SAM members with their understanding of the issues and the advocacy necessary to maintain quality public schools during the shortfall in state revenue.