MASS President's Message

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Cal Ketchum

MASS President

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the 2018-19 MASS President. I am appreciative of the trust you’ve placed in me this year to help lead this great group of superintendents! I am very excited to work with all of you and, in particular, the outstanding staff we have at the S.A.M office. I have worked in several states and can say with complete sincerity, Montana has the best advocates for administrators and public schools working for us in the S.A.M office, as well as, tremendous professional development. The goal is to make sure that each of you receives information that will help you be successful and knowledgeable in your superintendent position. If you are new to your position, seasoned, or somewhere in between, it is important that you connect with colleagues and the S.A.M organization is a great way to do that.

This will be an interesting year with school safety and budgets at the forefront of not only our minds, but the legislators too. This is a legislative year which makes it even more important to keep up on the latest bills relating to education. SAM does a great job both advocating for public schools and keeping us informed of the current developments within the legislature.

I want to thank Tobin for doing such a great job as president last year.  I have been fortunate to have been able to learn such a great deal by watching him, and others, lead before me. I am blessed to work in the great state of Montana, in the beautiful Flathead Valley, and honored to have wonderful colleagues to work with.

Moving forward, we have a great deal of work to do this year, especially as we navigate the extremely tumultuous national environment we live in. Whether it’s privatization, vouchers, charter schools, etc, public schools are still by far the best bang for the buck in education.

Be proud of what you do every day to make Montana public schools great and don’t forget to take care of yourselves along the way, too!

All the best to each of you in the 2018-19 school year!

Cal Ketchum, MASS President