MCASE President's Message

MCASE_President_Underwood.jpg - 1.55 MbWelcome to MCASE. I ask you to share in my appreciation and delight for the administrators

who serve our special needs populations and address the challenges of providing quality
programming to all our Montana youth. If you are an administrator working with students who
have special needs, I encourage you to consider membership in MCASE. The networking made
possible through your membership will enhance your work and more importantly positively
impact the lives of your students.

We live in a great state where our small population and large geographic area present both
great opportunities and challenges. Given the strength of our professional associations,
esteemed educators, and related service providers, we embrace those opportunities and meet
those challenges. Our collegial relationships are critical to us in these endeavors. Recognizing
this, I ask you to consider your active involvement in one of the many MCASE activities this

Also, please look to the strong resources provided to you through CASE, our parent
organization. CASE is an international professional educational organization which is affiliated
with the Council for Exceptional Children. Like MCASE its members work diligently for the
enhancement of the worth, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each individual in society.

Last but not least, keep the School Administrators of Montana’s activities at the forefront of
your priorities. SAM provides us a strong and respected voice in policy development, legislative
activity, and professional development.

For what you do each day and for the vision you have, I thank you and encourage your work.
Have an excellent school year!

Karen Underwood
MCASE President