META President's Message

Brian Norwood-META President.png - 262.07 KbGreetings,

I am excited and honored to serve as META’s President and continue to be impressed with all the great folks who support our students here in Montana.

This diverse community of educators, technologists, school board, and community members that have come together with a common goal of supporting each other ensuring our state’s educational goals is not just being met but surpassed. We do this as a team and with an underlying thread of what is the right thing to do. This comradery between organizations has developed over several years and we are starting to see the results of what can be accomplished when we work together.

This past year we have seen many accomplishments one of which was our Delegate Assembly work. As a result of our collective presence at the state level, we influenced new legislation and helped to shape the education of all students in Montana. This is a huge success for all of our organizations who worked together with the leadership in the SAM office to do great work. Thank you all!

META will continue its great work with projects like the Terms of Service contracts we all deal with and now have HB 745 to help us shape what our state TOS will look like in the future. I am confident we will succeed with this project working as a team with our partner organizations and paving the way for all the school districts in Montana to utilize.

As always the security and safety of our students and staff is the most important job we have. We will continue to find new ways and build new partnerships with companies whose products can assist us in the world we live in today. Our resolve has not
waivered and we will continue to do our best.

I am confident in our commitment and spirit that drives us all to be part of the solution to overcome the daily challenges. I am excited and believe we will continue to grow and encourage all our members to share our vision and values in support of our mission. 

Thank you for allowing me the honor to serve you all as the META President.


Mr. Brian J. Norwood
Director of Technology & Facilities
Lolo School District