SAM Membership Renewal Drive 2018-19!  

Here is what you need to know to renew your SAM membership - 


District Clerks/Business Manager are designated as a district's key contact for MASS, MASSP, MAEMSP, and META members working in a district and will need to complete the online renewal formMCASE members and other affiliate members not associated with a school district will complete their own renewal form.  While completing the renewal form, the district clerk/business manager will have the ability to unlink members leaving a district and add members new to a district.  If an administrator begins working in a district after a district's renewal process is complete, the new member should complete the New Member Form to become a SAM member for 2018-19.    

Links to Membership Forms:

  • MASS, MASSP, MAEMSP, and META members working in a district – to be completed by district clerks on behalf of members - Click HERE.

  • MASS, MASSP, MAEMSP, and META members who are NOT currently associated with a district or organization - to be completed by the member - Click HERE.

  • MCASE members – to be completed by the MCASE member – Click HERE.

  • New Members – to be completed by the new member – Click HERE.


How to Create Your SAM Account Profile:

  • Your email address is your Username

  • Create your password by clicking HERE and follow the instructions to create your password.

Click HERE to view the membership renewal information and instructions created for the launch of the online renewal process 2017-18.

To view a video tutorial to assist you in the membership renewal process, click HERE.



Your SAM office team, under the direction of the SAM Board and our strategic plan, have been working on new tools intended to bring stronger value to you as a member of SAM.  The new data base, web page, digital membership application process, conference registration, and communication tools (blogs and communities will be able to be established for each affiliate and common area of expertise) will further make SAM your “go to” organization for the resources you seek.  Please stay tuned for more of these tools to be rolled out like affiliate blogs and professional learning communities which will coming soon (replacing the email list-serves).  

The New SAM MemberClicks Database and Website are available beginning April 4, 2017!

SAM has upgraded to a new database and website to enhance your membership experience!  School Districts and SAM Members now have digital access to their SAM Account Profiles for contact information and annual memberships.  With this new access and automation, the SAM membership drive will be different each April for the ensuing year’s affiliate membership renewal.  You will no longer receive invoices by way of the post office.  The process will all be electronic. 

Creating SAM Account Profiles

Here is the process for accessing your SAM account, updating personnel, processing new memberships, adjusting membership renewals, adjusting contact information and using forms:

  • Your email address will be your Username
  • Create your password by clicking HERE and follow the instructions to create your password

Once established, you will use your username and password to access the resources in the SAM Database and the SAM Website.

The Membership Renewal Process

For most school districts, the district clerk will be the “key contact” for receiving a membership renewal email and will need to complete the membership renewal process on behalf of the MASS, MASSP, MAEMSP, and META members in the district. This email for membership renewal replaces the annual, hard copy invoice mailing that the district had received in previous years.  Some members will be the “key contact” for their personal renewal or organization’s renewal (retiree members, MCASE members, private organizations, etc).  Please note that even though you will be receiving membership renewal invoices electronically, membership dues will still need to be paid by check and not credit cards.  Going forward, only SAM and affiliate conference registrations will be able to be paid by credit card or check using SAM MemberClicks. 

Now that you have access to your profile, you will be able to do the following steps for membership renewal:

  • The following process is for checking, adjusting, changing and confirming memberships for the upcoming membership year, plus providing an option for members to join the SAM Leaders Professional Learning Program 2017-18. Here are some important steps that will help you through this process:
  • Once logged into your profile, you will see the first of two Membership pages where you will see your organization, phone, address, and email of the key contact.
  • Then, you will see a Next button below; click on it and it will take you to the second Membership page.
  • On this second Membership page, you will see a list of all current SAM members in your district. You can click on the name of any member and see exactly what memberships each person belongs to.  You will see the member’s contact information first, then the membership type below.
  • Please check each of your members and see that their membership accurately reflects  the continuing of that membership or if there is an adjustment or change. If there is any change, just check that affiliate and the relative radio button of what type of membership for that affiliate. 
  • If a member is leaving your district, you can unlink that member – simply click on the Unlink to the right of that member’s name.  Once you click “Unlink”, also click “None” for that member’s affiliate membership type to remove the membership charge from the invoice.
  • To add a new district administrator that will be seeking a SAM membership, just click on the Create Linked Profile button below and fill out the form that appears; check the type of affiliate for this new member; click on the radio button next to the type of membership for that affiliate.
  • Once you have checked and made any necessary adjustments, click the Next button and this will take you to the SAM Leaders Professional Learning Program registration page. This program is optional for members to sign up if they wish to have access to these resources.
  • The SAM Leaders Professional Learning Program (LPLP) provides opportunity for any member to register for the SAM Leaders Professional Learning Program.  This program is a redesigned professional learning opportunity for school leaders.  Participants will have the option to access resources in the form of:
    • The SAM LPLP Resource Center – a 24/7 access to a rich online resources based on the 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL). 
    • An optional assigned Provider that can give a school leader personal assistance by direct communication.
    • Other benefits include connected networking with other leaders in the program, personal learning networks, and collegial cohorts.   
    • Click HERE to see a short video describing the SAM LPLP Resource Center (just click OK without logging in) and HERE to see the Resource Center 'Mission, Vision and Core Values' Unit as a sample of the great value this would have for your learning.  
  • If a member would like to register for the LPLP, you just need to click the Register Linked Profile button and go to the registration form – click on the member that wants to be registered and just follow the instructions to complete the registration. If a member wants to register themselves, they just need to click on the Register Yourself button.
  • If nobody is interested in registering for the LPLP program, you can skip the LPLP registration page by just clicking Next at the bottom of the page and you will be taken to the Summary page. If you register a member for the LPLP, click on the Next button after complete and you would be taken to the same Summary page.                               
  • On the Summary page, please confirm your membership renewals and changes that you may have made on this page plus any SAM LPLP registrants. If you need to make any further edits, click on the Previous button to go back. Once confirmed that all is correct, then click on the Next button which will take you to the Payment page.
  • On the Payment page, select Offline payment from How you would like to pay drop down menu, then select Check from Offline Payment drop down menu. And lastly, click on the Submit Form button at the bottom.
  • Once submitted, you will receive an email with a new invoice that will reflect these changes. The old invoice will automatically be voided. Once again, please check your invoice for accuracy in relation to membership dues and SAM LPLP registrations.
  • Please print the new invoice and send back with a check written for the total amount for all memberships to be renewed and any SAM LPLP registrations.