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The Montana Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals presents the following awards for members each year.   Members are encouraged to nominate their peers for these awards to recognize achievements and to participate in national meetings. 

Nominations are closed for the MAEMSP Awards.  

National Distinguished Principal

Applications/Nominations are closed for the MAEMSP National Distinguished Principal


The NDP program recognizes excellence in elementary and middle level school leadership and is sponsored by NAESP.  It was established in 1984 to recognize elementary and middle level principals who set high standards for instruction, student achievement, character and climate for the students, families and staffs in their learning communities.  The program is based on three fundamental ideas:
  1. Children's attitudes towards learning and their perceptions of themselves as lifelong learners are established in the beginning school years.
  2. The scope and quality of children's educational experiences are determined primarily by the school principals, who establishes, through the important work of teachers and the support of caring parents, the character of a particular school's program.
  3. The dedication and enthusiasm of the outstanding principals who guide children's early education experiences should be acknowledged to both show appreciation for their work as well as to allow them to serve as models for others in the field.  
Criteria established by NAESP require the individual is a practicing principal with at least five years experience in the principalship, who plans to continue as a practicing principal.  The principal must demonstrate evidence of outstanding contributions to the community and to the education profession and should lead a school that:
  • Must be a member of NAESP at the time of the award;
  • Is clearly committed to excellence;
  • Has programs designed to meet the academic and social needs of all students; and
  • Has firm ties to parents and the community.

2024 Montana National Distinguished Principal

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Stacy Lemelin


Meadowlark Elementary, Billings Public Schools



Past MAEMSP National Distinguished Principals

Jim Bergman 1984   Nonnie Hughes 1999   Darren Schlepp 2011  
Warren Morehouse 1985   John Moffatt 2000   David Wick 2012  
John Ferro 1986   Keith Kohnke 2001   Joe McMahon 2013  
Ken Lane 1987   Peggy Ames-Nerud 2002   Bill Salonen 2014  
Stan rathman 1988   Mary Ann Cosgrove 2003   Aaron Griffin 2015  
Ken Nordquist 1989   Don Idso 2004   Ron Goodman 2016  
Darrell Rud 1990   Tina Lynch 2004   Sue Sweeney 2017  
Clayton Croff 1991   Ross Farber 2005   Jon Konen 2018  
Bruce Whitehead 1992   Sharon Redfern 2006   Marlin Lewis 2019  
Hal Hawley 1993   Kim Anderson 2006   Travis Niemeyer 2020  
Chuck Fuller 1994   Phillip "Duby" Santee 2007    Pam Meier 2021  
Kathy Pattee 1995   Jim O'Neill 2008    Shelley Andres  2022  
Richard Jonasen 1996   Chuck Gameon 2009    Kim Marzolf  2023  
Jan Riebhoff 1997   Ronee Boisseau 2009    Stacy Lemelin  2024  
Tammy Lacey 1998   Cindy Worrall 2010        


MAEMSP Adrian Langstaff Award

Nominations are closed for the Adrian Langstaff Award

This award is one of the highest recognition that can be given to a deserving member of MAEMSP. The award is in the name and memory of Adrian Langstaff. Adrian was an outstanding elementary principal who was a very recognized leader in his school, community and state whose life was cut short in a tragic accident.   

Past Adrian Langstaff Award Recipients

Family of Adrian Langstaff 1978   Ruth Tigges 1993   Steve York 2008
Jim Bergman 1979   Chuck Fuller 1994   Kathy Olson 2009
H.C. Buzz Christianson 1980   None 1995   Russ Van Hook 2010
John R. Fero 1981   Greg Croff 1996   Kathy Johnson 2011
Willie Heupel 1982   Kathy Pattee 1997   Tim McMahon 2012
Ken Lane 1983   Darrell Rud 1998   None 2013
Bob Kaufmann 1984   Keith Meyer 1999   None 2014
Warren Morehouse 1985   Don Idso 2000   Neal Wedum 2015
Stan Rathman 1986   None 2001   None 2016
Tom Miller 1987   Lonnie Yingst 2002   Ruth Eucker 2017
Ken Nordquist 1988   David Munson 2003   Diane Rewerts 2018
None 1989   Todd Rowen 2004   None 2019
  1990   None 2005   Norah Barney 2020
Glenn Kozeluh 1991   Bill Nankivel 2006    not awarded  2021
Chuck Lundgren 1992   None 2007    not awarded 2022,

NAESP Conference Incentive Scholarship Award

Applications are closed for this award

This award is given to an MAEMSP member who has never attended an NAESP Conference. The 2024 NAESP  Pre-K–8 Principals Conferences will be held July 15-17 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The recipient will receive:

  • Paid registration to the National Conference,
  • Paid round trip airfare to the conference,
  • A letter to the recipient's supervisor from the MAEMSP President encouraging them to grant adequate release time and financial support for meals and hotel.

MAEMSP Aspiring Principal Scholarship Award

Applications are closed for the MAEMSP Aspiring Principal Scholarship Award

MAEMSP provides an annual Scholarship/Incentive Grant of $800 to a student successfully applying to or currently enrolled in an approved course of study for the Master of Education Leadership Degree. The applicant must have completed three years of successful teaching in elementary or middle school education (K-8) and hold a current Montana Class II teaching certificate.

MAEMSP Friends of Education Award

Nominations are closed for the MAEMSP Friends of Education Award

The MAEMSP Friends of Education Award recognizes those individuals in your community who have gone above and beyond the normal call of duty in supporting and promoting public education.  Think of that private citizen outside of the professional educational organization who is always there to support education and goes the extra mile to further the education of Montana's youth.  The successful candidate will exemplify the following:
  • Outstanding support and promotion of public education;
  • State of local membership and leadership positions in educational boards or organizations; and
  • Participation and leadership positions in community and civic organizations

Past Friends of Education Award Recipients

Ted Hazelbaker 1985   Chuck Merja 2000   Susan Hay Patrick 2015
Karen Trask Doolen 1986   Jan Perrin 2001   Brent Parker 2016
Anita Johnson 1987  

Shelby's Home 'N School 
Organization Officers

2002   John Konzen 2017
Senator Pat Regan 1988   The Key
(Kids, Education, Yes!)
2003   Pastor Susan Otey 2018
Mignon Waterman 1989   Cindy Lewis 2004   Mr. Brad Parsch 2019
Kay McKenna 1990   not awarded 2005   Hawthorne Elementary
Parent Advisory Council -
Marilyn Fuhrman 1991   None 2006    Tamalee Robinson  -
Nancy Keenan 1992   Brandi Lowell 2007   Dave Renfrow -
Columbia Falls
Harold Hanser 1993   Helen Pilling 2008     not awarded  2023
Joan Monaghan 1994    not awarded 2009    Stephanie Esch,
Fred & Maile Urbaska 1995     not awarded 2010      
Bob & Pat Kaste 1996     not awarded 2011      
Roy & Elsie Mears 1997     not awarded 2012      
None 1998     not awarded 2013      
Mimi Davidson 1999   Jim and Heidi Duncan 2014      


MAEMSP Appreciation Award

Nominations are closed for the MAEMSP Appreciation Award 

The MAEMSP Appreciation Award is given to an individual, organization, or business that has provided outstanding support to the Montana Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals. 

MAEMSP Executive Board Award

The MAEMSP Executive Board Award is given in a year where the 4 Executive Board members find that an MAEMSP member has gone above and beyond the call and has shown outstanding service to MAEMSP. It is intended to award a current MAEMSP member who has greatly contributed to the organization through his/her involvement and work. The award is given by the MAEMSP Executive Board and may or may not be given on an annual basis.