2024-25 Member Benefits              

 Membership period is from July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2022

2024-25 Membership Pricing:
  • MASS/AASA Joint Membership - $740                                                                    
  • MASS/AASA Joint Membership Small School - $496                                            
  • MASS (State Only) - $255.00
  • AASA College Professor - $225.00 
  • MASS/AASA Aspiring  - $ 147.00
  • MASS Aspiring (State Only)  - $65.00
  • MASS/AASA Retired-Eligible only if previously an AASA Member - $117.00
  • MASS/Retired (State Only) - $35.00
  Joint  State Only National Only  College Professor
Aspiring      (State Only) 
SAM Administrators Institute x x x
Montana Conference of Educational Leadership (MCEL)  x
Montana Association of School Superintendents Fall  Conference  x
Region Meetings  x
National Convention  x x  x  x
Monthly SAM Bulletin (Electronic)  x
Annual SAM Directory (Electronic)  x
Weekly SAM Update  x
State and Federal Lobbying Network  x
Professional Development  x
Colleague Networks  x
 AASA Benefits  x    x      x
Legal Support Program-Up to $20,000 in legal assistance x   x      
$2 Million individual professional liability insurance x   x      
Member Discount for Conferences  x    
Award and Recognition Programs  x    
School Solutions Center  x      
Member Insurance Program - Trust for Insuring Educators x   x     x
Member Discount on AASA Books  x    
AASA Media-AASA Online Video Library; AASA Radio; AASA Blog; AASA Podcasts  x      
School Administrator magazine-11/year x    
The Leaders Edge-2/month              x    
News of the Nation-4/month  x    
New Superintendent Journal-4/year  x    
Children's Programs-Ready by 21; Healthy Schools; Asthma Education & Prevention;   Childhood Obesity; Healthy Learning News  x      
Topical Toolkits & Research Studies  x    
AASA Career Center-Member discounts on Job Postings; Sample Contracts  x      
Vote/Hold an Elected Leadership Role AASA  x      
$30,000 Free Life Insurance (for new members only)  x   x      
Advocacy on Capitol Hill-Legislative Corps-weekly report  x      
Optional Insurance Programs-Term Life; GEICO Auto; Health Insurance; Short-term   Medical; Student Health Plan; ID Theft; Long-Term Care Evaluation Service  x      
AASA Membership Classifications are as follows:
Active- For Superintendents, although assistant and deputy superintendents are welcome in this category.  Members in this category receive all AASA benefits and services, including the Legal Support Program ($2M individual professional liability coverage/up to $20K for job protection defense claims based on continuous years of membership, $500 deductible), a member discount when registering for AASA conferences and more. 
College Professor- For full-time professors of educational administration and/or supervision, who are not currently employed in full-time school administration.  Members in this category are eligible to vote and hold elected office but are not eligible to receive legal support from AASA. 
Retired- Open to anyone who has retired from full-time employment as a school administrator.  

MASS Years of Service for 2023-24 MASS Members