MASS Strategic Plan 2018-2022

MASS Strategic Plan DRAFT Outline 2018-2022

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MASS Strategic Planning 7-30-18

MASS Strategic Planning Presentation MASS Board 7-30-18 (begin on slide 19)
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MASS Strategic Plan 2015-2018 

Mission: Making All Schools Successful
Goal 1: Increase the recruitment and retention of quality superintendents.
          a. Enhance the ability of retirees to reenter the educational field.
          b. Develop support for recruitment of potential superintendents from teacher and principal ranks.
          c. Provide mentoring for superintendent candidates.
          d. Improve reciprocity for out of state certification.
Goal 2: Increase active involvement in MASS
          a. Contact all new superintendents and connect them to MASS.
          b. Identify absent and inactive members. Make personal contact and provide outreach by regional president or designee.
          c. Design regional meeting agendas to meet membership interests. Collaborate with member to plan agendas.
          d. Help facilitate and implement SAM advocacy efforts.
Goal 3: Work with the University System and Departments of Education to address the need for highly qualified teachers and educational leaders.
          a. Communicate the need to prepare more educators in high need specialty fields.
          b. Form a partnership with colleges of education to help prepare future educators.
          c. Create open lines of communication with colleges of education regarding curriculum and instructional needs.
          d. Encourage the university system to use MASS as a resource in educational leadership programs.
Goal 4: Enhance the image of the superintendent
          a. Promote professionalism, ethics, and integrity of the superintendency.
          b. Encourage proactive communication with local communities on educational issues.
Proposed by MASS Strategic Planning Committee on June 12, 2015
Randy Cline, President
Laurie Barron, President Elect
Rick Duncan, Past President
Tiffani Anderson
Robert DoBell
Ross Farber
Brad Moore
Tobin Novasio
Approved by the MASS membership on September 15, 2015