2020 METAtechED Spring Conference

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Monday, March 23 - Joint Morning Conference

7:30-8:15                     Hot Breakfast & Registration - 
Sponsored by Gaggle
8:15-8:25                     Welcome and Program Overview - Brian Norwood, President, META
8:25-9:25                     Leading K-12 Innovation in the 4th Industrial Revolution
                                       Tom Ryan, Past Chair, CoSN, President, eMMERSION Learning

What do K-12 education global leaders, practitioners, and change makers identify as major themes in driving, hindering, and enabling teaching and learning innovation? Many experts believe we are entering the 4th Industrial Revolution due to the significant changes impacting our culture, economy and society because of technology advancement in robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, and The Internet of Things (IoT).  This presentation will address:

  • How could these societal changes impact how we prepare students for their future? 
  • What does the Driving K-12 Innovation series of Hurdles, Accelerators, and Tech Enablers tell us about education trends
  • What is the 4th Industrial Revolution and the possible impact on our education systems?

9:25-9:50                     Break and Visit with Exhibitors - Sponsored by
9:50-10:30                   Celebration of Broadband Access in Montana Schools
                                       Evan Marwell, CEO of EducationSuperHighway and  Steve Bullock, Governor of Montana
10:35–11:25                 Update from OPI – Jule Walker
11:30-11:50                  Break and Visit with Exhibitors - 
12:00-1:00                   MASS/META Luncheon  - Sponsored by First Call Computer Solutions
                                     WORKING SESSION with MASS and META 
on Student Data Privacy

1:00-1:50                    Breakout Sessions
                                    Session A - OPI - Colet Bartow - Interoperability and ROI:  
                                    Maximize your Return on Ed Tech Investment TODAY with 
                                    IMS Global Standards and Infinite Campus
Join Colet Bartow, OPI, and Barry Brahier, Chief Product Officer-Teaching and Learning, Infinite Campus, to learn about how IMS Global interoperability standards can supercharge your educational technology ecosystem by making it easy to access our state academic standards as well as free up administrator and teacher time.  Colet will provide an overview of how to access Montana standards in the CASE Network and Barry will demonstrate how the Infinite Campus implementation of IMS Global standards makes Ed Tech “automagical.”  Bring your questions!
                                    Session B - Agent Shiloh Allen, FBI
                                      Cybercrime and Countermeasures
Cybercrime is constantly growing in scope and sophistication, but so are the means to combat it. This presentation will discuss the threats most commonly faced by public school systems, and provide some tips and tools for minimizing your attack surface and defending against cyber intruders.

1:50-2:15                    Break and Visit with Exhibitors-Sponsored by Newline Interactive
2:15-3:05                   Breakout Sessions
                                   Session A - ByteSpeed - Esports 101
Today’s Buzz about Esports: The retention of students, college scholarship opportunities, building friendships, higher GPA’s and post-graduation opportunities.  A local Montana team will join me and Anna Hanson, ByteSpeed’s Sales Manager and Montana native to discuss how to administer a new Esports program in this session, including ideas of where to start, staff that will be needed and the benefits and outlook of Esports in our schools today.   You will have the chance to ask questions about this new and exciting program; come ready to learn how students can gain confidence, grow friendships, and earn college scholarships.

                                    Session B - FRSecure - Making a Case for Information Security
In today’s ever-changing information security landscape, keeping your organization’s data secure and putting the appropriate amount of effort into doing so can be incredibly challenging. In this presentation, FRSecure’s Jim Nash will take you through why information security is important to prioritize, how attackers commonly gain access to sensitive data, and what you can do to help protect your organization and your students, faculty, and staff from a breach. Attendees will leave this presentation with an understanding of what information security actually encompasses (hint: it’s not just IT!) and what steps to take to feel – and actually be – more secure.

3:10-4:00                 Breakout Sessions
                                   Session A -  Palo Alto Networks is the world's cybersecurity leader. 
65,000 customers and protect billions of people worldwide.
                                 Session B - CompuNet, Inc. - IT Technology Solutions Provider

4:00-6:00               META Membership/Business Meeting
6:00-11:00              META Palooza - Lewis and Clark Brewery - Sponsored by:
                                ByteSpeed, FileWave, Gabbart, Ruckus and Trinity3
                                Music Provided by: The Pistol Whippin Party Penguins

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Tuesday, March 24 - META Conference

7:00-7:45                 META Hot Breakfast & Registration - Sponsored by Structured
7:45-8:00                 Welcome and Program Overview - Brian Norwood, President, META
8:00-8:50                 Breakout Sessions
                                  Session A - Let's Talk....Safety & Security - Liz Cunningham
A lot has changed in the past year concerning safety and security.  Are you aware of the security camera ban on certain cameras?  Do you have those banned cameras in your school? Do your cameras have facial recognition capabilities? Is your access control providing the security you need?  Do you have visual messaging in your classrooms? Is your classroom audio amplification system or your Bells, Paging, & Intercom also serving as a safety communication solution? Come learn the latest in what you need to know and what is now available that you may not have seen in the past regarding security cameras, access control, visual messaging, classroom audio and Bells Paging & Intercom.  Be part of the conversation!!

                                  Session B - Implementing HB 745 - Carol Phillips
This will be an ‘Open Forum’ type session led by Carol Phillips. We will be learn about the nuts and bolts of logging in, how to navigate and get your student data privacy agreements in place.                             

8:50-9:25                  Break and Visit with Exhibitors -Sponsored by Newline Interactive

9:25-10:15                 Breakout Sessions
                                  Session A - Newline Interactive
                                  Session B - PineCove Consulting and Sophos
                                 Managed Threat Response – Staying Protected Against 
                                 Today’s Cyber Threats
Few organizations have the right tools, people, and processes in-house to effectively manage their security program around-the-clock while proactively defending against new and emerging threats. Going beyond simply notifying you of attacks or suspicious behaviors, the Sophos MTR team takes targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated and complex threats.  Join us to learn how the threat landscape has evolved and how Sophos MTR can keep you protected against it.

10:15-10:45              Break and Visit with Exhibitors -Sponsored by Newline Interactive
10:45–11:35             Breakout Sessions
                                 Session A - Cisco
                                 Session B - 

11:45-12:45             Lunch - Visit with Exhibitors-Sponsored by Newline Interactive
12:50-1:40              Breakout Sessions
                               Session A - Promethean -STEM in an Interactive Classroom
We've taken the guesswork out of designing an immersive STEM learning experience for your classroom. Join Promethean for this hands on session to learn how you can incorporate your interactive flat panel with STEM products and apps like Dash the Robot, LittleBits Droid Inventor Kit, and so much more to bring STEM lessons to life for the entire classroom.
                               Session B - Verkada and PineCove Consulting
                               Enterprise Physical Security for your School District
Come learn how Verkada’s hybrid cloud platform combines embedded devices with intelligent, cloud-based software — all in a scalable, user-friendly system. Thousands of school districts use Verkada’s security camera solution to enhance physical security and gain new insights that improve the efficiency of their operations. Join our presentation to learn more about our security camera solution as well as a preview of our access control solution-coming soon!

1:40-2:00              Break and Visit with Exhibitors-Sponsored by Newline Interactive
2:15-3:05               Breakout Sessions
                               Session A - Beyond HB 745 - North Central Region Members
Come join us for an ‘Open Forum’ discussion on topics related to cyber security, school board awareness, and anything else you would like to discuss.
                               Session B -     

3:05-3:30              Break - Tear-Down and Prize Drawings
3:30-3:45              Closing Remarks and Discussion - Everett Holm
3:45                        Thanks, Goodbye, Travel Safely


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Exhibitor set-up will take place on Monday morning, March 23, 2020 from 6:30am - 8:00am
and tear down will be at the conclusion of the Conference - 3:30pm.

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