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SAM Affiliates have reviewed SAM's Positions and Resolutions as they relate to Federal Issues and Congress and developed the following resources for SAM members to use when discussing federal issues in 2017-18 ... 

One page document for use on advocacy for Federal issues -- SAM Federal Advocacy Priorities 2017-18
Full document of SAM Federal Positions and Resolutions -- SAM Federal Advocacy Priorities w Positions 2017-18

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Contemporary Federal Issues with Positions taken by SAM as approved by the SAM Delegate Assembly Steering Committee and the SAM Affiliate Federal Relations Coordinators (SAM Federal Advocacy Team) ...


Federal Tax Reform

As of 12-8-17, the House and Senate have passed their version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the bills are going through the process of conference.  The AASA advocacy team created an AASA Tax Summary 12-7-17 document, providing a good overview of the potential impact of the legislation on education.  The state of Montana is also working to understand the impact of the Act on Montanans outlining a potential reduction of state revenues by $122 million per year (Gazette opinion_ How will Montana pay for new tax plan 12-8-17 and Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 MDOR Memos 12-4-17).  SAM continues its advocacy for education to minimize the impact of federal tax reform on Montana schools.

SAM Federal Advocacy Team responded to a 'Call to Action' to vote No on tax reform (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) that reduces support for public education.  On 11-16-17 SAM and affiliate associations sent emails to the Montana Congressional Delegation in response to the 'Call to Action'.  Sample emails sent -- SAM Input on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to Sen Tester Email 11-16-17SAM Input on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to Sen Daines Email 11-16-17, and SAM Input on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to Rep Gianforte Email 11-16-17.

SAM received a LETTER on 10-24-17 from Senator Daines requesting input on federal tax reform.  The SAM Federal Advocacy Team, on 11-1-17, submitted this SAM LETTER responding to the request. 


Federal Budget FY 18

SAM Federal Advocacy Team responded on 11-9-17 in writing to ask Congress to act quickly on H. R. 2340/S. 1027 to extend and fund the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act (SRS).  SAM and all affiliate associations (MASS, MASSP, MAEMSP, MACSS, MCASE, META) signed on to an SRS Coalition House Letter and SRS Coalition Senate Letter .  The SRS program provides critical bridge funding for forest counties and schools. We are urging Congress to act in a bipartisan fashion to fund SRS retroactively for 2016-2017 as the 115th Congress continues to work to provide hurricane aid, suppress wild fires and improve forest management with policies that protect natural resources and improve forest health and provide jobs.


OPI Proposed Trump 2018 Budget Affects Report 5-25-17
OPI Proposed Trump Budget Fed Impact on MT 5-25-17
President Trump's FY 18 Budget Proposal Released on 3-16-17.  Proposed Cuts to Education Programs


Medicaid and Health Care Issues

Graham-Cassidy Repeal of ACA
SAMLN17 Call to Action on Graham-Cassidy Proposal Health Care Legislation 9-22-17 resulting in Graham-Cassidy Proposal Fails 9-28-17
Medicaid Support OpEd - SAM Kirk Miller 5-19-17

 2017 DREAM Act Letter to Congress w Endorsers 9-20-17




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