META Awards

 META Technologist of the Year  

The Montana Educational Technologists Association (META) presents the Montana K-12 School Technologist of the Year Program. This award is established to recognize the fine achievements and successes of a Montana K-12 School Technologist (Tech Coordinator, Tech Director, Tech Specialist, etc) at the State level. Eligible candidates for this award must be 17-18 META members.

META Empowered Superintendent of the Year

The Montana Educational Technologists Association (META) presents the first META Empowered Superintendent of the Year Award Program (not to be confused with the MASS/AASA Superintendent of the Year). The META Board of Directors felt this type of award should be established to recognize a school superintendent who consistently and passionately provides educational technology leadership, support, understanding and guidance in working with their school technologist(s) to create a successful and efficient system of technology supported education. In order for the superintendent to be considered for this award, he/she should demonstrate the following criteria:

1. Must be a current Superintendent in the State of Montana and be a member of the Montana Association of School Superintendents (MASS).

2. Has worked to effectively integrate the use of technology in the day-to-day operation of their educational organization.

3. Ensures that technology resources are equitably distributed among students and staff.  Works hard for adequate funding for instructional technology.

4. Has worked to develop professional development as a component of every technology initiative as well as working to adequately fund that professional development into the future.

5. Demonstrates exceptional Leadership and vision in the development and implementation of a district-wide technology plan.  Follows up on the progress of that plan.

6. Exhibits a thorough understanding of the role of technology in education and can articulate that understanding to all school district stakeholders. Continues to seek out  new ways of integrating instructional technology by working with teachers and staff.

7. Provides exceptional leadership in supporting the integration of technology into the curriculum and is always looking forward for new integration paths.

8. Demonstrates exceptional vision in employing technology to streamline school district business operations.

9. Demonstrates curiosity and open-mindedness in considering emerging technologies and weighing non-traditional solutions to traditional problems.  Works with all stakeholders on possible new innovations in instructional technology.

10. Thinks creatively and strategically about the long-term challenges and opportunities of technology in the school district and in education at large.



 2017 META TECHNOLOGIST OF THE YEAR - Russ Hendrickson    


Mr. Russ Hendrickson, Senior Information Systems Manager at Missoula County Public Schools was selected as the recipient of the prestigious 2017 Technologist of the Year at the 3rd annual Montana Educational Technologists Association’s (META) METAtechED Spring Conference held March 14- 15 in Helena.

This award was established to recognize the fine achievements and successes of Montana K-12 School Technologists.  META awards this honor to a technologist who has had a significant impact on the future technology readiness of their school district, exhibits an exemplary level of collegiality and leadership, and who displays the ability to create change within their district.

Mr. Hendrickson has been an influential member of the educational technology community for many years, dating back to before META’s inception. His peers recognize him as an inspirational leader whose efforts have resulted in a significant rise in the collective professional development of the META organization.  He has guided his district to make tremendous gains in technology.  Mr. Hendrickson has served as President of META and is currently serving as the association’s Past President.  He was instrumental in creating a partnership between META and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), a professional association for school system technology leaders whose mission is to empower educational leaders to leverage technology to create and grow engaging learning environments.  Mr. Hendrickson also serves as Chairperson of the META CoSN Council. 

META is comprised of educational technologists united for the purpose of advocating for and supporting the visions, policies, practices, and funding for technology within all aspects of teaching, learning, and professional productivity and supporting the education of all Montana children.  META and the School Administrators of Montana (SAM) members congratulate Mr. Russ Hendrickson for being selected to receive this award.