AASA Governance and Governing Board Description

Building a Collective Vision
AASA is led by a 135-member Governing Board that sets the policy agenda
for the association and a 22-member Executive Committee that approves the
association’s program plan and budget. Six advisory committees provide input
on major issues.
The Governing Board adopted the following overarching AASA Belief Statements that
further enhance the AASA mission statement and serve as guiding principles
for the organization:
AASA Belief Statements
I. Public Education - Public education is the foundation of American democracy
and is the primary vehicle for preparing each generation of adult
citizens to become contributing members of a democratic society.
II. Diversity - School leaders have a responsibility to create school cultures
that recognize and value diversity.
III. Conditions Under Which Children Learn - Environments conducive to
learning require that all variables that influence a student’s ability to succeed
should be addressed.
IV. Student Achievement - All public schools must provide a quality education
for each student, which requires meeting high standards.
V. Accountability - A system of accountability that clearly demonstrates the
level of progress attained by schools or school districts is essential to fulfilling
our mission of increasing student achievement.
VI. Leadership - The leadership provided by superintendents is critical to the
success of public school systems.
VII. Partnerships and Linkage - Building partnerships among the many stakeholders
contributes to the education and well-being of our children and
therefore is the responsibility of the entire community.
VIII. Governance - Boards of education and superintendents are the governing
team responsible for building and maintaining a strong partnership
focused on continuously increasing achievement for all students.

Four major goals are an outgrowth of AASA’s new governance system, which involves members more integrally in the association’s decisions and activities. AASA’s major goals include:
1. Grow the organization by increasing membership and other revenue,
using resources more effectively and “telling the AASA story” better to
internal and external audiences.
2. Lead and shape the dialogue regarding the improvement of public
education by advancing the Stand Up for Public Education campaign, taking
a pro-active lead on the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary
Education Act, and advancing the primacy of the superintendent in school
district leadership.
3. Enhance the competence of the superintendent and other school system
leaders by developing and delivering high-quality professional development
programs and developing new standards for school system leaders.
4. Become the “go to” organization for superintendents by providing a
primary resource for hot topics related to school leadership and customized
support to members.
Current Montana Governing Board Members
Ron Whitmoyer, East Helena Schools   rwhitmoyer@ehps.k12.mt.us
Leland Stocker, Havre Schools lstocker@belgradeschools.com 
Jule Walker (Executive Committee Member Region 1), Plevna Schools  julew@plevna.k12.mt.us