MAEMSP Board of Director Meetings

MAEMSP Board Reorganization 4-28-17

MAEMSP Board Reorganization Meeting Agenda w Links 4-28-17

MAEMSP Strategic Plan
MAEMSP Strategic Plan with Goals, Objectives & Actions
MAEMSP Strategic Plan with Strategic Objective Actions 2015-18 updated 5-11-16


MAEMSP Board Meeting Draft Minutes 1-24-17
MAEMSP Business Meeting Draft Minutes 1-26-17

Old Business
  1. MAEMSP Financial Report FY 15-16 and FY 16-17 as of 4-20-17 with Proposed 2017-18

New Business
  1. MAEMSP Offices Duties and Responsibilities Handbook w proposed revisions 4-28-17
  2. Consideration of Adding NAESP VP Elect to MAEMSP Board of Directors
           NAESP Policy 800.2 prohibiting concurrent service policy 7-16
  4. Consideration of Redrawing MAEMSP Regions
          MAEMSP Members in MASS Regions 2017
          MASS Regional Map
  6. 2017 MAEMSP Board Meeting Schedule and Calendar of Events
          2017-18 SAM and Affiliate Proposed Board Meeting Schedule
          2017-18 SAM Proposed Conference - Meeting Schedule

10. State Representative’s Report

Montana Impact Plan

11. Federal Relations Report
          NAESP Legislative Priorities Federal Relations Report 4-28-17
          NAESP Budget Priorities FY18 Federal Relations Report 4-28-17
14. Delegate Assembly Steering Committee Report
          MAEMSP Delegate Selection for Delegate Assembly

15. MAEMSP Executive Director Report 4-28-17

MAEMSP New Board Member Orientation 4-28-17

MAEMSP New Board Member Orientation Agenda w Links 4-28-17
maemsp new board member orientation agenda 4-28-17


MAEMSP Board Meeting 1-24-17

MAEMSP Board Meeting Agenda 1-24-17
MAEMSP Board Reorganization Meeting DRAFT Minutes 4-29-16

Mega Issue: Topic: 2017 Legislature and Advocacy of the SAM Legislative Network

Old Business
1. Review MAEMSP Business Meeting Agenda – January 26, 2017
2. National Principals Conference in Philadelphia, July 9-11, 2017
3. NAESP Vice President Election

New Business
1. Consideration of Joint MAESP-MASSP Principals Conference in 2018
2. MAEMSP Reorganization Meeting – April 28, 2017

President's Report
MAEMSP Strategic Plan Update

President Elect's Report
MAEMSP 66th Annual Conference 2017 Review
MAEMSP Executive Director Report 1-24-17
MAEMSP Financials FY 15-16 and 2nd Quarter FY 16-17

MAEMSP Federal Relations Report 1-24-17

MAEMSP Business Meeting 1-26-17
MAEMSP Business Meeting Agenda 1-26-17

MAEMSP Board Reorganization Meeting 4-29-16

4. President's Report/Message

9.  Federal Relation Coordinator's Report

12. Delegate Assembly Steering Committee Rep Report

13. MAEMSP Executive Director Report 4-29-16 

Old Business
1. Consideration of MAEMSP Proposed Budget 2016-17

2. Appointment of SAM Board Representative and OPI Ad Hoc Representative

New Business
1. Consideration of SHAPE MT 150 Initiative 
2. Consideration of MAEMSP President Elect attending the NAESP National Leaders Conference
3. Consideration of MAEMSP One Call, One Story, One Montana  Initiative 
4. MAEMSP Strategic Plan Work Session
5. 2016-17 MAEMSP Board Meeting Schedule and Calendar of Events


MAEMSP New Board Member Orientation 4-29-16