SAM Administrators Institute 2017

July 31 - August 2, 2017

Radisson Colonial Hotel, Helena

“Leadership of Transformational Change & Personalized Learning
to Impact the Whole Child”


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MTASCD Summit -- Leading Learning Organizations -- July 31st - For ALL Administrators, Teachers, ASCD Members, Curriculum Directors and Educators across Montana.

7:00a.m. - Registration and Continental Breakfast 
7:45a.m. - Welcome 
• General Session:
    • Principal Kafele - The Intentionality of School Leadership Effectiveness
• Breakout Sessions:
    • The Teacher 50
    • The Principal 50    
• MTASCD Annual Membership Meeting


SAM LPLP 2017-18 Summit -- July 31st  For those that have signed up for the program, those who have participated in the past, and those who may be interested.

The LPLP Summit begins at 12:30 on Monday, July 31st. 

• Induction and professional development for the leader new to their administrative role and those interested in personalizing their learning for leadership and the students they serve.

• LPLP’s multi-faceted blended learning approach consists of a rich online resource center; collegial cohorts that meet both virtually and face-to-face allowing participants to share challenges, successes, and thought leadership with like-minded Montana leaders experiencing similar job roles, situations, and context; and personal learning networks, including one-on-one coaching/mentoring with experienced Providers.


Instructional Leadership Summit -- August 1st - 2nd - For Administrators, Educational Leaders, Teachers, University Colleagues, State Officials and all individuals who support the education of Montana’s children!

Each day of the Instructional Leadership Summit begins with
Registration and Breakfast at 7:00 a.m. 
and  Opening Welcome at 8:00 a.m. 

August 1stTransformational Change & Personalized Learning for Teacher Teams & Administrators

• “Creating Future-Focused Schools” – Dr. Bill Daggett, CEO International Center for
Leadership in Education will describe and provide vivid examples of future focused rapidly
improving schools and strategies employed to from classroom to board room will be discussed.

August 2ndLeadership for the Whole Child

• Mike McKay, Director Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative - Accountability &
Leadership related to Self-Regulation - Safe, Caring and Successful Schools: Learning
Environments That Achieve Results for All Students

• Break out session Focus Zones
          o Transformation & Personalized Learning
          o Social Emotional Learning
          o Leadership of Contemporary Issues
          o Leadership Using Technology
          o Social Media Lounge

• Closing Inspiration 



Room Blocks:

A Room Block has been set up at the Radisson Colonial Hotel for $92.00 + tax when you refer to the SAM Administrators Institute Room Block. The block cut off date will be 6/30/2017. (406) 443-2100

A Room Block has been set up at the Comfort Inn and Suites Hotel for $95.00 + tax when you refer to the SAM Administrators Institute Room Block. The block cut off date will be 7/8/2017. (406) 495-0505

A Room Block has been set up at the Days Inn Helena for $89.00 + tax when you refer to the SAM Administrators Institute Room Block. The block cut off date will be 7/8/2017. (406) 442-3280




SAM Administrators Institute 2016 Presentation Materials
New Leaders Summit - July 25, 2016
OPI Presentation Materials 
    Accreditation Process Reference Guide
    Educator Licensure - Key Information
SAM Presentation Materials 
    Role-A-Like and Mentor Session Presentation-Godfrey Saunders
Role-A-Like Sessions
     Elementary Principals
         FRISK Manual 
         Discipline Rubric 
         Office Referral Form 
         Student Parent Handbook
         Staff Handbook 
         MBI Handbook 2015-16 
MTASCD Summit - July 25, 2016 
MTASCD Presentation Materials
Instructional Leadership Summit Day 1 - July 26, 2016 
SAM LPLP Presentation 7-26-16
Instructional Leadership Summit Day 2 - July 27, 2016 
      SESSION I Materials
     SESSION II Materials
     SESSION III Materials
         SAM Leaders Professional Learning Program - Tom Unwin and Linda Peterson Presentation
               1. Comparison of Models
               2. Capital Building Program Description 
               3. Prof Stand Ed Leaders 2015 
               4. Framework for Wed PRES 
               5. Overview Year Process Diagram 
               6. EPAS TEMPLATES for Wed Pres 
               7. Summative Template  
               9.  EPAS PowerPoint Presentation 
     SESSION IV Materials
     SESSION V Materials
    RELNW Resources for Summit Participants
21 CLI Summit - July 29, 2016
      2. 6 Characteristics Survey 
      3. PLC Survey 
      4. Practices of Learning Organizations 
      5. Level of Development of Collaborative Practices 
      6. Professional Standards for Education Leaders 2015 
      7. Protocol for Creating Norms 
      8. Fist and Five Protocol 
      10. Step by Step Development Process vs. 21 Proficiencies
      11. Differentiated Year Plans
      12. Learning Schedule for Year
      13. Learning Cycle PLAN Sheet 
      14. Protocol for PLAN Meeting 
      15. Learning Cycle DO-CHECK-ACT Sheet 
      16. Protocol DO-CHECK-ACT Meeting 
      17. Learning Cycle Examples 
      18. Video Links for Presentation 
      MTASCD  - Meeting Norms 
      PDCA Protocol