META Board Meetings


META Board Meeting 1-10-18

META Board Meeting 1-10-18 DRAFT Minutes

META Board Meeting Agenda 1-10-18

Mega Issue - Cyber Security

Tech Savvy - Empowered Superintendent

SAM Community Forum Tool Video

META DRAFT Policies & Procedures Handbook

META ADA Web Compliance RFP - FINAL Distributed 11-15-17

META Strategic Plan 2014-18 - Revisions on 9-16-17 Mark Up

Team4Tech/CoSN Rural Engagement Opportunity Overview

META Constitution and Bylaws Amendment Proposal - 1-10-18 Mark-Up

META Board Exec Dir Update 1-10-18
META Financial Report FY 16-17 and FY 17-18 as of 12-31-2017



META Board Retreat 9-15-17 and 9-16-17 - Bozeman

META Board Retreat DRAFT Minutes 9-15-17 and 9-16-17

META Board Retreat Agenda 9-15-17 and 9-16-17

Day 1 - Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce Building

META Board Meeting DRAFT Minutes 5-17-17

Legislative Update and Summary

SAM Delegate Assembly Positions and Resolutions Relative to META

META Membership Dues Restructure Proposal

Tech-Savvy Superintendent of the Year

META Board Executive Director Update 9-15-17
META Financial Report FY 16-17 and FY 17-18 as of 9-13-2017
SAM LPLP 2017-18 TLE CLN Members (so far)

Day 2 - Hilton Garden Inn

META Strategic Plan 2014-18 - adjusted 9-16-16

META Strategic Plan 2014-18 Google Doc - Group Work

META Policies & Procedures Handbook (May 17 2017)

META Board Presentation on Slack - Todd Lark


MASS Board RE Topic for Discussion Email on Website Access Nondiscrimination from Novasio 9-15-17
Policy 4350-Website Accessibility and Nondiscrimination
Compliance with WCAG 2.0 - ADA Website Requirements - Public Schools



META Board Meeting 5-17-17

META Board Meeting DRAFT Minutes 5-17-17

META Board Meeting Agenda 5-17-17.pdf

META Board Meeting DRAFT Minutes 3-14-17.pdf

META General Membership Meeting DRAFT Minutes 3-14-17.pdf

Programming Opportunities for Schools.pdf

Executive Director Report - META Board Meeting - May 17 2017.pdf


META New Board Orientation Meeting 5-17-17

META New Board Member Orientation Agenda 5-17-17.pdf

META Policy Procedures Manual DRAFT Jan 2017.docx

META Strategic Plan 2014-18 

META Financial Report fy 15-16 and 3rd Quarter fy 16-17 and 17-18 Proposed.xlsx.pdf


META Board Meeting 3-14-17

Old Business:
New Business:
META Annual Membership Meeting 3-14-17 
New Business
META Board Meeting 1-11-17
Old Business
New Business
     Big Sky Code Academy request for META Review
          MT3 Summary 
     Consideration of adding META Delegate Assembly Steering Committee Representative to the META Board of Directors
META Board Retreat Sept 16-17, 2016
Mega Issue 1:  CoSN
                              CoSN State Chapter Report Form 2015-2016 Sample 
                              MT CoSN State Chapter Charter Agreement Signed 5-12-16 
                              CoSN MT Membership as of 9-7-16 
                              META CoSN Welcome Letter 
                              CoSN Member Profile Instruction Manual   
Mega Issue 2:EducationSuperHighway 
                               ESH META Board Meeting 9-17-16 
Mega Issue 3:  E-Rate Consulting support for Montana Schools
                               SAM Delegate Assembly Summary of Actions 6-17-16 
Mega Issue 4:  SBAC Tech Readiness
META Board Meeting 5-18-16
META New Board Member Orientation 5-18-16 
SAM Information
      Constitution and Bylaws

META Committee Discussions:

Public Policy Committee: