The Montana Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals presents six awards for members each year.   Members are encouraged to nominate their peers for these awards to recognize achievements and to participate in national meetings.  Applications/nominations are now open and are due by Friday, February 9, 2018 for all of the following awards.  
2018 Adrian Langstaff Award
This award is one of the highest recognitions that can be given to a deserving member of MAEMSP. The award is in the name and memory of Adrian Langstaff. Adrian was an outstanding elementary principal who was a very recognized leader in his school, community and state. His life was cut short in a tragic accident.  
The 2018 Nomination Process is now open.  Please click HERE to access the nomination form.
2017 Adrian Langstaff Award Winner:   Ruth Uecker - Great Falls Public Schools


2018 Friends of Education Award 
Recognize those individuals in your community who have gone above and beyond the normal call of duty in supporting and promoting public education.  Think of that private citizen outside of the professional educational organization who is always there to support education and goes the extra mile to further the education of Montana's youth.  The successful candidate will exemplify the following:
  • Outstanding support and promotion of public education;
  • State of local membership and leadership positions in educational boards or organizations; and
  • Participation and leadership positions in community and civic organizations
The 2018 Nomination Process will open in October of 2017.  Please click HERE to access the nomination form.
2017 Friends of Education Award Winner:  John Konzen - Troy, MT
2018 Aspiring Principal Scholarship Award 
MAEMSP provides an annual Scholarship/Incentive Grant of $800 to a student successfully applying to or currently enrolled in an approved course of study for the Master of Education Degree in Elementary School Education. The applicant must have completed three years of successful teaching in elementary or middle school education (K-8) and hold a current Montana Class II teaching certificate.
The 2018 Nomination/Application process is now open.  Please click HERE to apply or nominate a candidate.
2017 Aspiring Principal Scholarship Grant Winner:  Amanda McGill - Clinton, MT 
2018 NAESP Conference Incentive Scholarship Award 
MAEMSP National Convention Scholarship will provide the opportunity for one of its members to attend the National Association of Elementary School Principals Convention for professional development in Orlando, FL from July 9 through July 11, 2018.  The award is comprised of the following:
  • Paid registration to the NAESP Convention;
  • Round trip air fare to the site of the convention; 
  • A letter to the recipient's superintendent from MAEMSP President encouraging him/her to grant adequate release time and financial support for meals and room in the Montana room block.
The qualified nominee will:
  • Be a member of MAEMSP & NAESP;
  • Not have previously attended an NAESP National Convention;
  • Present a report at the MAEMSP Annual State Convention the following January/February;
  • Have been involved in MAEMSP activities; and
  • Have exhibited leadership abilities 
You can apply for this incentive scholarship by clicking HERE.
2017 MAEMSP/NAESP Convention Scholarship Winner:   Rob Pedersen - Plentywood Schools
2018 Appreciation Award 
This award is given to an individual, organization, or business that has provided outstanding support to the Montana Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals. 
The 2018 Nomination Process is now open.  Please click HERE to access the nomination form.
2017 Appreciation Award Winners:  Daly Elementary Families for Education - Hamilton, MT
2018 National Distinguished Principal Award 
The NDP program recognizes excellence in elementary and middle level school leadership and is sponsored by NAESP.  It was established in 1984 to recognize elementary and middle level principals who set high standards for instruction, student achievement, character and climate for the students, families and staffs in their learning communities.  The program is based on three fundamental ideas:
  1. Children's attitudes towards learning and their perceptions of themselves as lifelong learners are established in the beginning school years.
  2. The scope and quality of children's educational experiences are determined primarily by the school principals, who establishes, through the important work of teachers and the support of caring parents, the character of a particular school's program.
  3. The dedication and enthusiasm of the outstanding principals who guide children's early education experiences should be acknowledged to both show appreciation for their work as well as to allow them to serve as models for others in the field.  
Criteria established by NAESP require the individual is a practicing principal with at least five years experience in the principalship, who plans to continue as a practicing principal.  The principal must demonstrate evidence of outstanding contributions to the community and to the education profession and should lead a school that:
  • Must be a member of NAESP at the time of the award;
  • Is clearly committed to excellence;
  • Has programs designed to meet the academic and social needs of all students; and
  • Has firm ties to parents and the community.

The 2018 NDP Nomination Process is now open.  Please click HERE to access the 2018 nomination form.  Please read through requirements carefully on the nomination form.  The nomination does require an accompanying letter attached with completed form.  You will need to print off the form to fill out.  Once completed, please send form and letter to:

                Pat Audet
               900 N. Montana Avenue - Ste. A-4             
               Helena, MT   59601 
              scan and email it to 

2017 National Distinguished Principal:  Sue Sweeney - Broadwater Elementary - Helena, MT

If you have any questions about these awards, please contact Pat Audet at 406-442-2510 or