SAM Update 10-13-17

Hi SAM Members,

We hope you have had a great week and are planning to join your fellow administrators at MCEL next week ...

MCEL 2017

Did you know that MCEL 2017 has an all new agenda and plans to bolster your professional learning, create networking opportunities and have you leaving the conference inspired to continue with the great work you are doing for the children you serve!  Check out the MCEL 2017 Conference Program.  From inspirational speakers Jon Landis and Karl Mecklenburg, to innovative pre-conference web-delivered sessions (check out the Flyer), to over 50 clinic sessions, to an exhibit hall complete with Thought Leader Sessions, we hope you will register to attend MCEL 2017!   We know you will be pleased with this experience and the changes that have been made to make this conference experience the best ever.  Join us by clicking on MCEL 2017 and you can register at the Conference!

SAM Business Meeting - Notice of Consideration of SAM Advocacy Priorities, Positions, and Resolutions

The SAM Annual Business Meeting at MCEL will take place on October 19, 2017, in the Billings Clocktower Hotel Garden Terrace Room from 4:00 – 5:00 pm.  This important meeting AGENDA includes the ratification of SAM’s Advocacy Priorities and Delegate Assembly recommendations for Positions and Resolutions, by a vote of the SAM members present.  The SAM Delegate Assembly Steering Committee will act as the resolutions committee during this portion of the meeting.  The Committee has prepared the SAM Delegate Assembly 2017 Recommendations for the SAM Annual Business Meeting for your review prior to the meeting.  The SAM Bylaws (Article V) allow for Non-Delegate Assembly resolutions and position statements to be considered at the Annual meeting by adhering to the following:

Non-Delegate Assembly resolutions and position statements must be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Delegate Assembly Steering Committee (Rick Duncan and please copy to Kirk Miller by 8:00 am on October 18, 2017 (we would prefer this by October 16 if possible so that the information can be prepared for the Business meeting).  Persons presenting a Non-Delegate Assembly resolution or position statement will have 5 minutes to present rationale for adoption during the meeting.  A 3/4ths vote of members present and voting is required for further consideration of the resolution or position statement.

I hope you will attend the SAM Annual Business meeting and to ratify the SAM advocacy priorities for 2017-18!

Thanks for your great work for the children and community you serve.  Have a great weekend!


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